Calculus of Variations and Geometric Measure Theory

G. Piscitelli

Symmetry results for a nonlocal eigenvalue problem

created by piscitelli on 15 May 2024



Inserted: 15 may 2024

Year: 2024

ArXiv: 2404.15486 PDF


In this paper, we study the optimal constant in the nonlocal Poincar\'e-Wirtinger inequality in $(a,b)\subset\mathbb R$: \begin{equation} \lambda\alpha(p,q,r){\left(\int{a}{b}
{q}dx\right)\frac pq}\le{\int{a}{b}
{r-2}u\, dx\right
{\frac p{r-1}}}, \end{equation
} where $\alpha\in\mathbb R$, $p,q,r >1$ such that $\frac 45 p\le q\le p$ and $\frac q2 +1\le r \le q+\frac q p$. This problem can be casted as a nonlocal minimum problem, whose Euler-Lagrange associated equation contains an integral term of the unknown function over the whole interval of definition. Furthermore, the problem can be also seen as an eigenvalue problem. We show that there exists a critical value $\alpha_C=\alpha_C (p,q,r)$ such that the minimizers are even with constant sign when $\alpha\le\alpha_{C}$ and are odd when $\alpha\geq \alpha_{C}$.