Calculus of Variations and Geometric Measure Theory

D. Engl - C. Kreisbeck - M. Morandotti

Characterizing BV- and BD-ellipticity for a class of positively 1-homogeneous surface energy densities

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Year: 2024

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Lower semicontinuity of surface energies in integral form is known to be equivalent to BV-ellipticity of the surface density. In this paper, we prove that BV-ellipticity coincides with the simpler notion of biconvexity for a class of densities that depend only on the jump height and jump normal, and are positively 1-homogeneous in the first argument. The second main result is the analogous statement in the setting of bounded deformations, where we show that BD-ellipticity reduces to symmetric biconvexity. Our techniques are primarily inspired by constructions from the analysis of structured deformations and the general theory of free discontinuity problems.