Calculus of Variations and Geometric Measure Theory

S. Cito - A. Giacomini

Minimization of the $k$-th eigenvalue of the Robin-Laplacian with perimeter constraint

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Year: 2023


In this paper we address the problem of the minimization of the $k$-th Robin eigenvalue $\lambda_{k,\beta}$ with parameter $\beta>0$ among bounded open Lipschitz sets with prescribed perimeter. The perimeter constraint allows us to naturally generalize the problem to a setting involving more general admissible geometries made up of sets of finite perimeter with inner cracks, along with a suitable generalization of the Robin-Laplacian operator with properties which look very similar to those of the classical setting. Within this extended framework we establish existence of minimizers, and prove that the associated eigenvalue coincides with the infimum of those achieved by regular domains.

Keywords: Sets of finite perimeter, Functions of Bounded Variations, shape optimization, Robin-Laplacian eigenvalues