Calculus of Variations and Geometric Measure Theory

S. Conti - M. Focardi - F. Iurlano

Approximation of $SBV$ functions with possibly infinite jump set

created by focardi on 28 Sep 2023


Submitted Paper

Inserted: 28 sep 2023
Last Updated: 28 sep 2023

Year: 2023


We prove an approximation result for functions $u\in SBV(\Omega;\mathbb R^m)$ such that $\nabla u$ is $p$-integrable, $1\leq p<\infty$, and $g_0(
)$ is integrable over the jump set (whose $\mathcal H^{n-1}$ measure is possibly infinite), for some continuous, nondecreasing, subadditive function $g_0$, with $g_0^{-1}(0)=\{0\}$. The approximating functions $u_j$ are piecewise affine with piecewise affine jump set; the convergence is that of $L^1$ for $u_j$ and the convergence in energy for $
\nabla u_j
^p$ and $g([u_j],\nu_{u_j})$ for suitable functions $g$. In particular, $u_j$ converges to $u$ $BV$-strictly, area-strictly, and strongly in $BV$ after composition with a bilipschitz map. If in addition $\mathcal H^{n-1}(J_u)<\infty$, we also have convergence of $\mathcal H^{n-1}(J_{u_j})$ to $\mathcal H^{n-1}(J_u)$.