Calculus of Variations and Geometric Measure Theory

A. Davini - E. Kosygina - A. Yilmaz

Stochastic homogenization of nonconvex viscous Hamilton-Jacobi equations in one space dimension

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Year: 2023

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We prove homogenization for viscous Hamilton-Jacobi equations with a Hamiltonian of the form $G(p)+V(x,\omega)$ for a wide class of stationary ergodic random media in one space dimension. The momentum part $G(p)$ of the Hamiltonian is a general (nonconvex) continuous function with superlinear growth at infinity, and the potential $V(x,\omega)$ is bounded and Lipschitz continuous. The class of random media we consider is defined by an explicit hill and valley condition on the diffusivity-potential pair which is fulfilled as long as the environment is not ``rigid''.