Calculus of Variations and Geometric Measure Theory

A. Tamburrino - G. Piscitelli - Z. Zhou

The Monotonicity Principle for Magnetic Induction Tomography

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Inserted: 29 sep 2022

Year: 2020

ArXiv: 2012.13950 PDF


The inverse problem treated in this article consists in reconstructing the electrical conductivity from the free response of the system in the magneto-quasi-stationary (MQS) limit. The MQS limit corresponds to a diffusion PDE. In this framework, a key role is played by the Monotonicity Principle, that is a monotone relation connecting the unknown material property to the (measured) free-response. MP is relevant as basis of noniterative and real-time imaging methods. Monotonicity Principles have been found in many different physical problems governed by PDEs of different nature. Despite its rather general nature, each different physicalmathematical context requires to discover the proper operator showing MP. For doing this, it is necessary to develop ad-hoc mathematical approaches tailored on the specific framework. In this article, we prove a monotonic relationship between the electrical resistivity and the time constants characterizing the free-response for MQS systems. The key result is the representation of the induced current density through a modal representation. The main result is based on the analysis of an elliptic eigenvalue problem, obtained from separation of variables.