Calculus of Variations and Geometric Measure Theory
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N. Gigli

On the regularity of harmonic maps from ${\sf RCD}(K,N)$ to ${\sf CAT}(0)$ spaces and related results

created by gigli on 13 Apr 2022



Inserted: 13 apr 2022

Year: 2022

ArXiv: 2204.04317 PDF


For an harmonic map $u$ from a domain $U\subset{\rm X}$ in an ${\sf RCD}(K,N)$ space ${\rm X}$ to a ${\sf CAT}(0)$ space ${\rm Y}$ we prove the Lipschitz estimate \[ {\rm Lip}(u
_B)\leq \frac {C(K^-R^2,N)}r\inf_{{\sf o}\in {\rm Y}}\,\sqrt{\frac1{{\mathfrak m}(2B)}\int_{2B}{\sf d}_{\rm Y}^2(u(\cdot),{\sf o})\, {\rm d}{\mathfrak m}}, \qquad \forall 2B\subset U \] where $r\in(0,R)$ is the radius of $B$. This is obtained by combining classical Moser's iteration, a Bochner-type inequality that we derive (guided by recent works of Zhang-Zhu) together with a reverse Poincar\'e inequality that is also established here. A direct consequence of our estimate is a Lioville-Yau type theorem in the case $K=0$. Among the ingredients we develop for the proof, a variational principle valid in general ${\sf RCD}$ spaces is particularly relevant. It can be roughly stated as: if $({\rm X},{\sf d},{\mathfrak m})$ is ${\sf RCD}(K,\infty)$ and $f\in C_b({\rm X})$ is so that $\Delta f\leq C$ for some constant $C>0$, then for every $t>0$ and ${\mathfrak m}$-a.e.\ $x\in{\rm X}$ there is a unique minimizer $F_t(x)$ for $ y\ \mapsto\ f(y)+\frac{{\sf d}^2(x,y)}{2t} $ and the map $F_t$ satisfies \[ (F_t)_*{\mathfrak m}\leq e^{t(C+2K^-{\sf Osc}(f))}{\mathfrak m},\qquad\text{where}\qquad {\sf Osc}(f):=\sup f-\inf f. \] Here existence is in place without any sort of compactness assumption and uniqueness should be intended in a sense analogue to that in place for Regular Lagrangian Flows and Optimal Maps (and is related to both these concepts). Finally, we also obtain a Rademacher-type result for Lipschitz maps between spaces as above.

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