Calculus of Variations and Geometric Measure Theory

K. Chen - Q. H. Nguyen

The Peskin problem with $\dot B^1_{\infty,\infty}$ initial data

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Submitted Paper

Inserted: 6 aug 2021
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Year: 2021


In this paper we study the Peskin problem in 2D, which describes the dynamics of a 1D closed elastic structure immersed in a steady Stokes flow. We prove the local well-posedness for arbitrary initial configuration in $(C^2)^{\dot B^1_{\infty,\infty}}$ satisfying the well-stretched condition, and the global well-posedness when the initial configuration is sufficiently close to an equilibrium in $\dot B^1_{\infty,\infty}$. Here $(C^2)^{\dot B^1_{\infty,\infty}}$ is the closure of $C^2$ in the Besov space $\dot B^1_{\infty,\infty}$. The global-in-time solution will converge to an equilibrium exponentially as $t\rightarrow+\infty$. This is the first well-posedness result for the Peskin problem with non-Lipschitz initial data.