Calculus of Variations and Geometric Measure Theory
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A. Julia - S. Nicolussi Golo - D. Vittone

Lipschitz functions on submanifolds in Heisenberg groups

created by vittone on 14 Jul 2021



Inserted: 14 jul 2021
Last Updated: 14 jul 2021

Year: 2021

ArXiv: 2107.00515 PDF


We study the behavior of Lipschitz functions on intrinsic $C^1$ submanifolds of Heisenberg groups: our main result is their almost everywhere tangential Pansu differentiability. We also provide two applications: a Lusin-type approximation of Lipschitz functions on $\mathbb H$-rectifiable sets, and a coarea formula on $\mathbb H$-rectifiable sets that completes the program started in $[16]$.

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