Calculus of Variations and Geometric Measure Theory

F. Alouges - G. Di Fratta

Cell averaging two-scale convergence: Applications to periodic homogenization

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Inserted: 30 apr 2021

Year: 2016

ArXiv: 1607.04872 PDF


The aim of the paper is to introduce an alternative notion of two-scale convergence which gives a more natural modeling approach to the homogenization of partial differential equations with periodically oscillating coefficients: while removing the bother of the admissibility of test functions, it nevertheless simplifies the proof of all the standard compactness results which made classical two-scale convergence very worthy of interest: bounded sequences in $L^2_{\sharp}[Y,L^2(\Omega)]$ and $L^2_{\sharp}[Y,H^1(\Omega)]$ are proven to be relatively compact with respect to this new type of convergence. The strengths of the notion are highlighted on the classical homogenization problem of linear second-order elliptic equations for which first order boundary corrector-type results are also established. Eventually, possible weaknesses of the method are pointed out on a nonlinear problem: the weak two-scale compactness result for $\mathbb{S}^2$-valued stationary harmonic maps.