Calculus of Variations and Geometric Measure Theory
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F. Da Lio - L. Martinazzi

The nonlocal Liouville-type equation in $\mathbb{R}$ and conformal immersions of the disk with boundary singularities

created by martinazz on 17 Jul 2018



Inserted: 17 jul 2018

Year: 2016

ArXiv: 1607.03525 PDF


In this paper we perform a blow-up and quantization analysis of the fractional Liouville equation in dimension $1$. More precisely, given a sequence $u_k :\mathbb{R} \to \mathbb{R}$ of solutions to \begin{equation} (-\Delta)\frac{1}{2} uk =Kke{uk}\quad \text{in }\mathbb{R}, \end{equation} with $K_k$ bounded in $L^\infty$ and $e^{u_k}$ bounded in $L^1$ uniformly with respect to $k$, we show that up to extracting a subsequence $u_k$ can blow-up at (at most) finitely many points $B=\{a_1,\dots, a_N\}$ and either (i) $u_k\to u_\infty$ in $W^{1,p}_{loc}(\mathbb{R}\setminus B)$ and $K_ke^{u_k} \stackrel{*}{\rightharpoondown} K_\infty e^{u_\infty}+ \sum_{j=1}^N \pi \delta_{a_j}$, or (ii) $u_k\to-\infty$ uniformly locally in $\mathbb{R}\setminus B$ and $K_k e^{u_k}\stackrel{*}{\rightharpoondown} \sum_{j=1}^N \alpha_j \delta_{a_j}$ with $\alpha_j\ge \pi$ for every $j$. This result, resting on the geometric interpretation and analysis provided in a recent collaboration of the authors with T. Rivi\`ere and on a classical work of Blank about immersions of the disk into the plane, is a fractional counterpart of the celebrated works of Br\'ezis-Merle and Li-Shafrir on the $2$-dimensional Liouville equation, but providing sharp quantization estimates ($\alpha_j=\pi$ and $\alpha_j\ge \pi$) which are not known in dimension $2$ under the weak assumption that $(K_k)$ be bounded in $L^\infty$ and is allowed to change sign.

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