Calculus of Variations and Geometric Measure Theory
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W. Borrelli

Stationary solutions for the 2D critical Dirac equation with Kerr nonlinearity

created by borrelli on 15 Sep 2017
modified on 29 Sep 2017


Published paper

Inserted: 15 sep 2017
Last Updated: 29 sep 2017

Journal: Journal of Differential Equations
Year: 2017

ArXiv: 1706.09785v1 PDF


In this paper we prove the existence of an exponentially localized stationary solution for a two-dimensional cubic Dirac equation. It appears as an eff ective equation in the description of nonlinear waves for some Condensed Matter (Bose-Einstein condensates) and Nonlinear Optics (optical bers) systems. The nonlinearity is of Kerr-type, that is of the form $\vert\psi\vert^{2}\psi$ and thus not Lorenz-invariant. We solve compactness issues related to the critical Sobolev embedding $H^{\frac{1}{2}}(\mathbb{R}^{2};\mathbb{C}^{2})\hookrightarrow L^{4}(\mathbb{R}^{2};\mathbb{C}^{2})$ thanks to a particular radial ansatz. Our proof is then based on elementary dynamical systems arguments.

Keywords: cubic Dirac equation, graphene, shooting method, nonlinear waves

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