Calculus of Variations and Geometric Measure Theory

R. Garg - D. Spector

On the role of Riesz potentials in Poisson's equation and Sobolev embeddings

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Accepted Paper

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Journal: Indiana Univ. Math. J.
Pages: 21
Year: 2014


In this paper, we study the mapping properties of the classical Riesz potentials acting on $L^p$-spaces. In the supercritical exponent, we obtain new "almost" Lipschitz continuity estimates for these and related potentials (including, for instance, the logarithmic potential). Applications of these continuity estimates include the deduction of new regularity estimates for distributional solutions to Poisson's equation, as well as a proof of the supercritical Sobolev embedding theorem first shown by Brezis and Wainger in 1980.