Calculus of Variations and Geometric Measure Theory

A. Hyder - L. Martinazzi

Conformal metrics on $R^{2m}$ with constant Q-curvature, prescribed volume and asymptotic behavior

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Year: 2014

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We study the solutions $u\in C^\infty(R^{2m})$ of the problem $(-\Delta)^m u= Qe^{2mu}$, where $Q=\pm (2m-1)!$, and $V :=\int_{R^{2m}}e^{2mu}dx <\infty$, particularly when $m>1$. This corresponds to finding conformal metrics $g_u:=e^{2u}
^2$ on $R^{2m}$ with constant Q-curvature $Q$ and finite volume $V$. Extending previous works of Chang-Chen, and Wei-Ye, we show that both the value $V$ and the asymptotic behavior of $u(x)$ as $
\to \infty$ can be simultaneously prescribed, under certain restrictions. When $Q=(2m-1)!$ we need to assume $V<vol(S^{2m})$, but surprisingly for $Q=-(2m-1)!$ the volume $V$ can be chosen arbitrarily.