Calculus of Variations and Geometric Measure Theory
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V. Caselles - A. Chambolle - D. Cremers - M. Novaga - T. Pock

An introduction to Total Variation for Image Analysis

created by novaga on 25 Oct 2012
modified on 26 Oct 2012


Published Paper

Inserted: 25 oct 2012
Last Updated: 26 oct 2012

Journal: Theoretical Foundations and Numerical Methods for Sparse Recovery, De Gruyter, Radon Series Comp. Appl. Math.
Volume: 9
Pages: 263-340
Year: 2010


These notes address various theoretical and practical topics related to Total Variation based image reconstruction. They focus first on some theoretical results on functions which minimize the total variation, and in a second part, describe a few standard and less standard algorithms to minimize the total variation in a finite-differences setting, with a series of applications from simple denoising to stereo, or deconvolution issues, and even more exotic uses, like the minimization of minimal partition problems.


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