Calculus of Variations and Geometric Measure Theory

R. Rossi - M. Thomas

From an adhesive to a brittle delamination model in thermo-visco-elasticity

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Year: 2012


We address the analysis of a model for brittle delamination of two visco-elastic bodies, bonded along a prescribed surface. The model also encompasses thermal effects in the bulk. The related PDE system for the displacements, the absolute temperature, and the delamination variable has a highly nonlinear character. On the contact surface, it features frictionless Signorini conditions and a nonconvex, brittle constraint acting as a transmission condition for the displacements.

We prove the existence of (weakenergetic) solutions to the associated Cauchy problem, by approximating it in two steps with suitably regularized problems. We perform the two consecutive passages to the limit via refined variational convergence techniques.