Calculus of Variations and Geometric Measure Theory

G. P. Leonardi - R. Monti

End-point equations and regularity of sub-Riemannian geodesics

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Accepted Paper

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Journal: GAFA
Year: 2006


For a large class of equiregular sub-Riemannian manifolds, we show that length minimizing curves have no corner-like singularities. Our first result is the reduction of the problem to the homogeneous, rank 2 case, by means of a nilpotent approximation. We also identify a suitable condition on the tangent Lie algebra implying existence of a horizontal basis of vector fields whose coefficients depend only on the first two coordinates $x_1, x_2$. Then, we cut the corner and lift the new curve to a horizontal one, obtaining a decrease of length as well as a perturbation of the end-point. In order to restore the end-point at a lower cost of length, we introduce a new iterative construction, which represents the main contribution of the paper. We also apply our results to some examples.