Calculus of Variations and Geometric Measure Theory

G. Bellettini - M. Novaga - M. Paolini

Characterization of facet--breaking for nonsmooth mean curvature flow in the convex case

created on 12 Jul 2000
modified on 22 Dec 2001


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Inserted: 12 jul 2000
Last Updated: 22 dec 2001

Journal: Interfaces and Free Boundaries
Volume: 3
Pages: 415-446
Year: 2001


We investigate the breaking and bending phenomena of a facet of a three dimensional crystal which evolves under crystalline mean curvature flow. We give necessary and sufficient conditions for a facet to be calibrable, i.e. not to break or bend under the evolution process. We also give a criterion which allow to predict exactly where a subdivision of a not calibrable facet takes place in the evolution process.

Keywords: crystal, evolution