Calculus of Variations and Geometric Measure Theory
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F. Paronetto

Asymptotic behaviour of a class of elliptic-parabolic operators: a unified approach

created on 08 Apr 2003
modified on 21 Nov 2003



Inserted: 8 apr 2003
Last Updated: 21 nov 2003

Year: 2003


We study the asymptotic behaviour of a sequence of strongly degenerate parabolic equations $\partial_t (r_h u) - {\rm div}(a \cdot Du)$ with $r_h(x,t) \mau 0$, $r_h \in L^{\infty}(\Om \times (0,T))$. This leads to study, as particular cases, $G$-convergence for elliptic operators ($r_h \equiv 0$), $G$-convergence for parabolic operators ($r_h \equiv 1$), singular perturbations of an elliptic operator ($a_h \equiv a$ and $r_h \to r$, possibly $r\equiv0$).


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