Calculus of Variations and Geometric Measure Theory
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New CVGMT server running

created by paolini on 09 Oct 2011

Dear CVGMT users,

as you might have noticed, the CVGMT preprint server has been renewed. The entire code running the server has been rewritten from scratch, using up-to-date web solutions (namely pythondjangomysql).

Maybe for a while this will cause some problems (please, tell me about any anomaly you will find!) but I'm confident that in the long run we will be able to add new useful functionalities.

The data of the old server has been imported into the new one. Since the data is now stored in a substantially different way, it might happen that you will find some error due to the conversion utility. If the error is in your data you might be able to correct it yourself. Otherwise please tell me the problem. Authenticated users should be able to use their old credentials to access the reserved pages.

For the time being I have tried to recover all the functionality of the old server. However there are some differences you might like to know:

news items are now divided into more specific cathegories: seminars, events, open position and news. Please choose the right cathegory when posting new notices. With respect to the old server, the speakers of seminars and the speakers and organizers of events are linked to the appropriate personal page. Also the speakers and organizers are now able to modify the informations about their seminarevent even if the page was created by someone else.

LaTeX management has also changed a lot. Now you will not use LaTeX for writing text. If you need some special accented character you must insert it directly with your computer's keyboard (or with a copy and paste from somewhere). On the other hand, you are encouraged to use LaTeX for math formulas. The new server is enhanced with MathJax, a nice plugin which let us show LaTeX formulas in every web browser. You only need to enclose your formulas into the usual LaTeX delimiters to get them nicely typesetted.

Any suggestion for corrections or new features is appreciated!

Posted by: paolini

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