Calculus of Variations and Geometric Measure Theory

Nonlinear partial differential equations in Salzburg

created by bögelein on 01 Jul 2024

23 oct 2024 - 25 oct 2024   [open in google calendar]

Salzburg, Austria

Join us for a three-day workshop focused on nonlinear partial differential equations, featuring esteemed keynote speakers alongside adept PhD students. Delve into a range of topics encompassing p-Laplace type equations, classical semi-linear equations, and geometric partial differential equations. Engage in an intellectually enriching academic endeavor, connect with prominent researchers and broaden your scholarly perspectives. We have allocated a dedicated session for brief contributed talks for everyone. If you wish to present during this session, please notify us . Anticipating a varied number of presentations, we expect each talk to last approximately 15 minutes. This event provides a formal platform for networking with esteemed scholars and contributing to scholarly discourse. Your participation is highly valued, and we look forward to your presence at the workshop.

Organizers: Simon Blatt, Verena Bögelein, Frank Duzaar, Naian Liao.

Speakers: Zoltan Balogh, Xavier Cabré, Anna Dall'Acqua, Aris Daniilidis, Thomas Körber, José M. Mazón, Salvador Moll, Giulia Treu, Heiko von der Mosel.