Calculus of Variations and Geometric Measure Theory

Bridging PDE and Geometric Flows - An LMS-HIMR Research School

created by scheuer on 05 Feb 2024

22 jul 2024 - 26 jul 2024   [open in google calendar]

Cardiff University - School of Mathematics

The field of geometric flows is a highly active research area located in the intersection of partial differential equations (PDE), differential geometry and convex geometry. The most prominent prototype equations are the mean curvature flow and the Ricci flow, the latter being the main key to the so far only solution of a Millennium problem listed by the Clay institute, the so-called Poincaré conjecture, which was solved by Perelman building upon ideas of Hamilton.

These geometric equations are fully nonlinear systems and the PDE theory required to rigorously understand their details is in the most cases much deeper than what is taught in undergraduate PDE courses. They comprise results from regularity theory for fully nonlinear (elliptic and parabolic) PDE, advanced results from functional analysis and operators on manifolds.

Contrary to what is usually covered in research schools on geometric flows, this school is supposed to focus on the PDE aspects of geometric flows, which is often considered as technical and therefore neglected. Our PDE expert lecturer Dr. Ben Lambert aims to make this material as accessible as possible and the theory will be accompanied by their application to the curvature flow equations, delivered by Prof. Alessandra Pluda. Additional guest lectures with further applications to geometry will be held by Prof. Mohammad N. Ivaki.

This research school is well-suited for research students roughly at PhD level and for early career researchers working in one or both of the fields of PDE and Differential Geometry. In particular, anyone working with PDE is encouraged to apply, even if their work is not related to geometric flows.

Organizers: Prachi Sahjwani, Julian Scheuer.

Speakers: Mohammad Ivaki, Ben Lambert, Alessandra Pluda.