Calculus of Variations and Geometric Measure Theory

Workshop on liquid thin films

created by giacomelli on 31 Jan 2024

26 aug 2024 - 30 aug 2024   [open in google calendar]

MPI MIS, Leipzig

The main theme are capillarity-driven interfaces and surfaces in fluids, with a specific focus on their singularities. Phenomena we have in mind are contact-angle dynamics and the no-slip paradox, film rupture and the effect of noise. We‘d like to trigger exchange between novel regularity theory, asymptotic modelling, and multi-scale physics.

Organizers: Lorenzo Giacomelli, Hans Knüpfer, Felix Otto, Christian Seis.

Speakers: Helmut Abels, Gabriele Bruell, Peter Constantin, Jens Eggers, Julian Fischer, Francisco Gancedo, Benjamin Gess, Günther Grün, Hangjie Ji, Inwon Kim, Herbert Koch, Christina Lienstromberg, Nader Masmoudi, Katerina Nik, Laurel Ohm, Dirk Peschka, David Queré, Howard Stone, Ian Tice, Juan J. L. Velazquez, Barbara Wagner, Maria G. Westdickenberg, Anouk Wisse, Tom Witelski.