Calculus of Variations and Geometric Measure Theory

Nonlinear partial differential equations in Salzburg

created by bögelein on 05 Oct 2023

6 nov 2023 - 7 nov 2023   [open in google calendar]

Salzburg, Austria

Join us for a two-day workshop on nonlinear partial differential equations, uniting keynote expert speakers with talented PhD students. Delve into diverse topics, from p-Laplace type equations to classical semi-linear equations and geometric partial differential equations. Embark on an enriching academic journey, connect with leading researchers, and broaden your perspectives. We have reserved a session for short contributed talks. Please let us know if you would like to give a presentation during this session. Depending on the number of talks, we expect that each presentation should be around 15 minutes long.

Organizers: Simon Blatt, Verena Bögelein, Frank Duzaar, Naian Liao.

Speakers: Zoltan Balogh, Lorenzo Brasco, Elisa Davoli, Cristiana De Filippis, Manuel Del Pino, Rupert Frank, Francesco Leonetti, Giuseppe Mingione, Guofang Wang.