Calculus of Variations and Geometric Measure Theory

Guess what? A Pisan workshop in Geometric Analysis

created by fogagnolo on 24 May 2023
modified by benatti on 19 Sep 2023

20 sep 2023 - 22 sep 2023   [open in google calendar]

Centro De Giorgi (Pisa)

This workshop will gather young and active researchers in Geometric Analysis and affine fields. It aims at giving an overview of the present research on various aspects of this beautiful subject, with some special attention to the mathematical background and to the motivations. Early stage researchers are particularly encouraged to take part in this three-day, as there will also be various moments for questions and discussions.

Organizers: Luca Benatti, Mattia Fogagnolo, Alessandra Pluda.

Speakers: Chiara Bernardini, Gianmarco Caldini, Michele Caselli, Thomas K├Ârber , Alba Lia Masiello, Marco Pozzetta, Daniele Semola, Liangjun Weng, David Wiygul.