Calculus of Variations and Geometric Measure Theory

In search of model structures for non-equilibrium systems

created by schlichting on 08 Dec 2022

24 apr 2023 - 28 apr 2023   [open in google calendar]

Münster, Germany

The workshop focuses on the availability, derivation and discovery of variational principles for non-equilibrium systems, in particular, those which connect model structures on different lengths and time scales via microscopic derivations, such as hydrodynamic limits. We bring together physicists and mathematicians to discuss recent progress for specific systems as well as regarding general principles. The event shall foster interactions that can potentially result in major advances.

Organizers: André Schlichting, Uwe Thiele, Oliver Tse, Johannes Zimmer.

Speakers: Mario Ayala, Markus Bär, Cédric Bernadin, Massimiliano Esposito, Jing Feng, Erwin Frey, Davide Gabrielli, Yuan Gao, Aljaz Godec, Ramin Golestanian, Patricia Gonçalves, Stefan Großkinsky, Rob Jack, Milton Jara, Sabine Klapp, Hartmut Löwen, Christian Maes, Alexander Mielke, Stefano Olla, Mark A. Peletier, Dirk Peschka, Tanja Schilling, Marielle Simon, Thomas Speck, Artur Stephan, Julien Tailleur, Raphael Wittkowski.