Calculus of Variations and Geometric Measure Theory

Between Regularity and Defects: Variational and Geometrical Methods in Materials Science

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modified on 15 Jan 2023

20 feb 2023 - 24 feb 2023   [open in google calendar]

Erwin Schrödinger Institute (ESI), Vienna

Predicting how different materials behave when undergoing external stresses is a fundamental issue in Materials Science attracting the attention of the mathematical, physical, and engineering communities. The applicative implications of such a basic question are paramount in numerous industrial sectors, ranging from health care to civil engineering and renewable energies. In all these areas, we are interested in the material elastic response and in the development of defects, which could lead to failure.

A deep understanding of the above phenomena is crucial and comes with a number of challenging questions regarding the mathematical modeling and analysis in Continuum Mechanics. One of the main goals of this workshop is to bring together researchers with common interests at the interface between Geometrical Analysis, Calculus of Variations, Partial Differential Equations, and applications to Materials Science in order to tackle the most recent advances in the theory.

For registration, please contact the organizers Stefano Almi ( and Anastasia Molchanova ( Please be aware that the number of participants is limited due to internal rules of ESI.

(speakers with $*$ to be confirmed)

Organizers: Stefano Almi, Anastasia Molchanova.

Speakers: Jean-François Babadjian, Marco Barchiesi, Barbora Benesova, Daniel Campbell, Marco Cicalese, Anna Doležalová, Irene Fonseca, Manuel Friedrich, Stanislav Hencl, Flaviana Iurlano, Pekka Koskela, Aleksis Koski, Carolin Kreisbeck, Stefan Krömer, Martin Kruzik, Carlos Mora-Corral, Marco Morandotti, Jani Onninen, Pekka Pankka, Marcello Ponsiglione, Aldo Pratelli, Emanuela Radici, Tomas Roskovec, Lucia Scardia, Sebastian Schwarzacher, Viktor Shcherbakov, Francesco Solombrino, Filip Soudský, Marita Thomas, Barbara Zwicknagl.