Calculus of Variations and Geometric Measure Theory

Oberwolfach Seminar: Interfaces: Modeling, Analysis, Numerics

created by novaga on 27 Jul 2022

20 nov 2022 - 26 nov 2022   [open in google calendar]

Oberwolfach (Germany)

The evolution of surfaces plays an important role in geometry, applied mathematics and in the natural sciences and typically leads to fascinating shapes and patterns. In this seminar geometric evolution equations such as mean curvature flow and surface diffusion are studied as examples of gradient flows of the area functional. Also in many free boundary problems the motion of an interface is given by an evolution law involving curvature quantities. In particular, we will introduce the Mullins-Sekerka flow and the Stefan problem with its anisotropic variants, Willmore flow as well as two-phase flows and discuss analytical and numerical approaches to deal with them.

The goal is to provide an introduction into this exciting research area. We will discuss current main research topics, and we will in particular stress how modeling, analysis and numerics work together to gain a full understanding. The seminar will also include problem sessions preparing the participants to conduct their own research in this area.

Please see the detailed program at www.mfo.deoccasion2247a.

The seminar takes place at the Mathematisches Forschungsinstitut Oberwolfach. The Institute covers board and lodging. By the support of the Carl Friedrich von Siemens Foundation travel expenses can be reimbursed up to 150 EUR in average per person (against copies of travel receipts). The number of participants is restricted to 25.

Applications including title, ID and date of the intended seminar, together with one pdf-file attached containing

• full name and address, incl. e-mail address

• short CV and publication list

• present position, university

• name of supervisor of Ph.D. thesis

• a short summary of previous work and interest should be sent by e-mail via until 4 September 2022 to Prof. Dr. Matthias Hieber

Organizers: Eberhard Bänsch, Klaus Deckelnick, Harald Garcke, Paola Pozzi.