Calculus of Variations and Geometric Measure Theory

Workshop: Optimal Transport, Statistics, Machine Learning and moving in between

created by gerolin on 25 Jul 2022
modified on 27 Jul 2022

5 sep 2022 - 9 sep 2022   [open in google calendar]

The Young European Statisticians (YES) workshop "Optimal Transport, Statistics, Machine Learning and moving in between” will take place 5-9 September 2022 in Eurandom, Eindhoven.

We are very happy to feature tutorial talks by world experts Marco Cuturi (CREST-ENSAE, Apple ML Research), Jonathan Niles-Weed (NYU) and Yoav Zemel (University of Cambridge). In addition to this, there will be talks by several invited speakers. Young researchers will be given the opportunity to present their work in the format of contributed talks or posters - Please email a title and short abstract (max. one page) to before August 20th.

For more information and registration, please visit the conference website.

Organizers: Rui Castro, Augusto Gerolin, Johannes Schmidt-Hieber, Oliver Tse.

Speakers: Marco Cuturi, Jonathan Niles-Weed, Yoav Zemel.