Calculus of Variations and Geometric Measure Theory

ISIMM Online Meeting (STAMM 2020+1)

created by piovano on 26 Aug 2021

17 sep 2021   [open in google calendar]

The STAMM 2020+1 initially planned to take place in Brescia and postponed due to the pandemic will finally take place in the form of an online meeting on the 17th of September, 2021 from 2PM to 6PM (CEST, UTC+2h).

In this occasion the celebration of the already announced 2020 junior and senior prizes and a panel discussion on the history and future of ISIMM will take place, also in view of some upcoming crucial reorganization. Please, find below the poster of the event for more information on the speakers and for the zoom link to the event. Everybody is kindly invited and we look forward to your participation!

We also recall that STAMM 2022 is currently planned to be held in Brescia.

Organizers: Detmann Bettina, Apala Majumdar, Alessandro Musesti, Paolo Piovano, Giuseppe Saccomandi, Anja Schlömerkemper, Yasemin Şengül.

Speakers: B. Emek Abali, Vito Crismale, Michele Curatolo, Robin Knops, Paolo Podio-Guidugli, Tommaso Ruggeri, Anja Schlömerkemper, Giuseppe Tomassetti.