Calculus of Variations and Geometric Measure Theory

National Meeting of the Portuguese Mathematical Society (ONLINE)

created by malchiodi on 15 May 2021

12 jul 2021 - 16 jul 2021   [open in google calendar]

The list of plenary speakers includes 4 Fields Medallists and several ICM invited speakers, along with recipients of many other distinctions such as the EMS Prize, Euler Medal, Fermat, Fulkerson, Henri Poincaré, Loève and Paul Doistau–Émile Blutet, Philip Leverhulme Prizes, MacArthur Fellows, CNRS Silver Medal, NSF Career, TWAS Prize, Whitehead Jr&Sr, and certainly many more awards in the future!

The meeting has 9 slots for parallel sessions, two hours each, where many other outstanding mathematicians will have the opportunity to share and discuss ideas.