Calculus of Variations and Geometric Measure Theory

Durham Days of Analysis and PDEs

created by mészáros on 09 May 2021
modified on 29 Jun 2021

1 jul 2021 - 6 jul 2021   [open in google calendar]

Durham University (remotely via zoom)

We are delighted to announce the first iteration of “Durham Days of Analysis and PDEs”, an online Summer School designed to provide a fuller picture, including recent and exciting developments, of various topics in Analysis and PDEs.

The online school will consist of four mini courses, given in the span of 4 afternoons (UK time), and will be held between 1.7.21-2.7.21 and 6.7.21.

We are excited to introduce our list of distinguished speakers:

José Antonio Carrillo, University of Oxford.

Bruno Colbois, Université de Neuchâtel.

Guido De Philippis, New York University Courant Institute.

Christiane Tretter, Universität Bern.

We invite those of you who are interested in attending the online Summer school to register at


The schedule and abstracts can be found below.

Registration is free but required in order to receive additional information about the online school and its programme, as well as the appropriate Zoom link for the event. Whenever possible, please provide us with a university affiliated email address in the registration form. We hope to see you soon in the Summer School!

The organisers (Sabine Bögli, Amit Einav, Katie Gittins, Megan Griffin-Pickering, Alpár R. Mészáros and Djoko Wirosoetisno)