Calculus of Variations and Geometric Measure Theory

Nonlinear Meeting 2021

created by jevnikar on 21 Feb 2021

22 mar 2021 - 23 mar 2021   [open in google calendar]


We are glad to announce the online workshop "NONLINEAR MEETING 2021", to be held in the afternoons of March 22-23, 2021.


- Henri Berestycki (EHESS-CAMS-CNRS Paris)

- Elaine Crooks (Swansea University)

- Frank Hilker (University of Osnabrück)

- Christian Kuehn (Technical University of Munich)

- Peter Poláčik (University of Minnesota)

- Pedro J. Torres (University of Granada)

If interested to participate, please fill in the registration form at the link below. You can find further information at the event website.

Please forward this message to colleagues and students who might be interested in participating.


Guglielmo Feltrin, Paolo Gidoni, Elisa Sovrano, Andrea Tellini