Calculus of Variations and Geometric Measure Theory

Online Poster Session "Young Researchers in PDE and Geometric Analysis"

created by müller1 on 05 Feb 2021

8 apr 2021   [open in google calendar]


This is an online poster session meant to connect young researchers in the fields of PDE and Geometric Analysis during the Covid19 pandemic.

The goal of this event is that people get the opportunity to socialize with others in 1-on-1-discussions.

This is made possible via is a platform where you can walk through a virtual room and talk to people near you in "conversation circles". Each poster will then have its own conversation circle.

For more information see -- and subscribe to the mailing list to receive a link to the event on April 8!

We are looking forward to see you there! If you want to present a poster, you can apply until Feb 28 2021 (you do not need to have a poster completed at this date, we just need a tentative title)

Organizers: Peter Gladbach, Sven Jarohs, Marius Müller.