Calculus of Variations and Geometric Measure Theory
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International Workshop "Variational Methods in Nonlinear Phenomena" - ONLINE

created by guarinolo on 01 Sep 2020

23 sep 2020 - 25 sep 2020   [open in google calendar]

The aim of the Workshop is to present state-of-the-art and current research directions in variational analysis and partial differential equations and to provide a forum for fruitful interactions in their closely related fields of investigation and applications to nonlinear phenomena.
 This workshop is part of the activities of PRIN 2017 “Nonlinear Differential Problems via Variational, Topological and Set-valued Methods” (Grant Number: 2017AYM8X). Variational analysis encompasses a large area of modern mathematics, including the classic calculus of variations, the theories of perturbation, approximation, subgradient, subderivatives, set convergence and variational inequalities. Originating with the Signorini problem, variational inequalities have undergone great development and influence both in the progress of variational analysis, and in applications to mathematical physics and, more recently, to engineering, statistics, economics, financial networks and generalized complementarity problems. Several classical and new theories, such as those of evolutionary projected dynamical systems and infinite dimensional duality, as well as research in discretized computational methods, have received a remarkable impulse in the last years. Moreover, recent advances in the field of nonlinear functional analysis and its applications to nonlinear partial and ordinary differential equations are highlighed, with particular emphasis on variational and topological methods to obtain the existence of one, two, three, infinitely many solutions. Particular emphasis will be placed on novel ideas and promising research developments in the area.

Organizers: Annamaria Barbagallo, Gabriele Bonanno, Daniele Castorina, Giuseppina D'aguì, Serena Guarino Lo Bianco, Salvatore Marano, Andrea Scapellato.

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