Calculus of Variations and Geometric Measure Theory

Advanced Variational Methods for Solid Mechanics - *CANCELLED*

created by toader on 03 Feb 2020
modified on 24 Apr 2020

29 jun 2020 - 2 jul 2020   [open in google calendar]


Many challenging problems in solid mechanics require the use of advanced mathematical techniques. In particular, these are needed to model different kinds of inelastic behaviours. Another interesting field of application concerns the interplay between microscopic and macroscopic properties of solids, which can guide the design of novel materials starting from their nano-structure. The goal of this conference is to bring together researchers interested in the applications of the calculus of variations to these problems. The main focus will be on the following topics: dislocations, plastic deformations, damage, fracture, and other defects. Both equilibrium and dynamic problems will be addressed. Homogenisation techniques, which allow to deal with different space and time scales, and to describe the effective behaviour of materials, will also be covered in the conference. In particular, the recent advances in stochastic homogenisation will be presented. Computational issues are very important in these fields, and the complexity of the phenomena requires advanced techniques based on the most recent developments of the mathematical modelling of these problems.

The conference is a satellite event of the 8th European Congress of Mathematics.

Organizers: Gianni Dal Maso, Rodica Toader.

Speakers: Irene Arias, Kaushik Bhattacharya, Andrea Braides, Filippo Cagnetti*, Antonin Chambolle, Marco Cicalese, Elisa Davoli, Laura De Lorenzis, Alessandro Giacomini, Corrado Maurini, Alexander Mielke, Stefan Müller*, Michael Ortiz, Roberto Paroni, Mark Peletier, Lucia Scardia*, Ulisse Stefanelli, Caterina Ida Zeppieri.