Calculus of Variations and Geometric Measure Theory

Optimization of shape and material properties: advanced mathematical methods and 3D printing

created by toader on 03 Feb 2020
modified on 11 Mar 2021

12 apr 2021 - 16 apr 2021   [open in google calendar]

CISM, Udine

3D printing has opened the possibility to create functional end-use parts of a complexity that could not be achieved with traditional manufacturing technologies. While additive manufacturing is being continually improved, a major thrust in research is devoted to the optimal design of composite and micro-architected materials with unprecedented properties. This course will present some advanced mathematical tools for modelling both the elastic and inelastic behaviour of solids, and applications related to the engineering technology of additive manufacturing. The mechanical properties of materials and structures obtained by these methods will be analysed, and a particular attention will be devoted to the study of instability phenomena in periodic composites and to the propagation of elastic waves in micro-architected materials. Effective fracture properties of heterogeneous solids will be studied in view of applying 3D printing techniques to design materials with improved failure properties. Numerical methods used in this context will be also presented. The course is addressed to master students, PhD students, postdocs and young researchers. It can be of interest also to engineers and professionals as it provides an insight into the tools at the basis of numerical methods largely used in practice.

Organizers: Giovanni Noselli, Rodica Toader.

Speakers: Dorin Bucur, Gianni Dal Maso, Laura De Lorenzis, Massimiliano Gei, Laurent Ponson, Elisabetta Rocca.