Calculus of Variations and Geometric Measure Theory

Summer Program in PDE 2020

created by maggi on 27 Jan 2020

26 may 2020 - 5 jun 2020   [open in google calendar]

University of Texas at Austin

This summer program provides two weeks of concentrated study of topics in Analysis for participating graduate and undergraduate students. The program is supported by the Research Training Grant (RTG) “Analysis of Partial Differential Equations”.

The first week will consist of two graduate courses of introductory character and of activities aimed at undergraduate students. The courses will be designed to be, at the same time, accessible to motivated and talented undergraduate students who are planning to apply to graduate school, and also interesting for graduate students looking to expand their mathematical preparation. Each day there will be one lecture per course, followed by a tutorial with problems on the lecture of the day, with tutoring offered by instructors and resident graduate students and postdoctoral associates. The daily activities will be concluded by seminars and panels aimed at undergraduate students.

The second week will consist of advanced short courses aiming at introducing specific, cutting-edge research themes in various area of Analysis.

The multidisciplinary character of the program will expose participants to topics that are commonly perceived as belonging to “different” areas of Analysis. One goal of the program is to educate the participants to see unity across these different areas and to approach Analysis from a more comprehensive viewpoint.

The entire two-week program will take place at the University of Texas at Austin from Tuesday, May 26th until Friday, June 5th, 2020.

Registration is mandatory as it will be possible to accommodate only a limited number of participants. Financial support for undergraduate and graduate students is available. The deadline for the application is March 31st, 2020.

Organizers: Phil Isett, Francesco Maggi, Salvatore Stuvard.

Speakers: Tarek Elgindi, Robert Haslhofer, Connor Mooney, Sung-Jin Oh.