Calculus of Variations and Geometric Measure Theory

''Workshop on $L^\infty$ and constrained variational problems''.

created by prinari on 16 Jan 2020
modified on 10 May 2021

19 may 2021 - 21 may 2021   [open in google calendar]


This workshop will focus on the most recent developments and achievements in the framework of constrained and $L^\infty$ variational problems by means of Calculus of Variations and PDEs’ methods, with an emphasis on applications to material science and mechanics It will provide stimulate exchange of ideas and knowledge, through talks delivered by leading experts in the field. The workshop includes a session of short talks from young researchers.

Organizers: Francesca Prinari, Elvira Zappale.

Speakers: Luigi De Pascale, Michela Eleuteri, Maria Stella Gelli, Nikos Katzourakis, Carolin Kreisbeck, Stefan Krömer, Martin Kruzik, Erik Lindgren, Giovanni Pisante, Ana Margarida Ribeiro, Davide Zucco.