Calculus of Variations and Geometric Measure Theory

Junior Math Days 2019

created by nobili on 21 Oct 2019
modified on 06 Nov 2019

15 dec 2019 - 18 dec 2019   [open in google calendar]

SISSA, Trieste

The aim of the event is to introduce master students to the PhD programs in Mathematical Analysis, Modeling and Applications and in Geometry and Mathematical Physics.

The school will consist in three-days introductory lectures held by professors and informal meetings with PhD students to get closer to the SISSA research environment.

24 students will be selected and they will receive a free accommodation from SISSA for all the duration of the event. Other eligible candidates without funding are also welcomed.

The deadline for application for the school and for the accommodation is November 4th.

Organizers: Emanuele Caputo, Veronica Fantini, Francesco Nobili, Alessandro Rubin.

Speakers: Francesco Ballarin, Fabio Cavalletti, Gianni Dal Maso, Nicola Gigli, Antonio Lerario, Gianluigi Rozza.