Calculus of Variations and Geometric Measure Theory

CIME Course "Geometric Measure Theory and Applications: From Geometric Analysis to Free Boundary Problems"

created by focardi on 13 Dec 2018
modified on 12 Feb 2019

2 sep 2019 - 6 sep 2019   [open in google calendar]

Cetraro - CS

The school focuses on the interplay among geometric analysis, Calculus of Variations and free boundary problems.

The aim of the school is to introduce PhD students and researchers to the new emerging trends in Geometric Measure Theory, as well as to its applications to Geometric Analysis (more classically considered) and to geometric PDEs problems arising, for instance, in the study of free boundaries or related fields.

Lectures are taught by well-known leaders in the field,

- Guido De Philippis (SISSA, Italy), "$A$-free measures and applications"

- André Neves (U. Chicago, USA), "Existence of min-max minimal hypersurfaces"

- Xavier Ros-Oton (U. Zurich, Switzerland), "Regularity of free boundaries in obstacle problems"

- Georg Weiss (U. Duisburg–Essen, Germany), "Bernoulli type free boundary problems and water waves"

Organizers: Matteo Focardi, Emanuele Spadaro.

Speakers: Guido De Philippis, André Neves, Xavier Ros-Oton, Georg Weiss.