Calculus of Variations and Geometric Measure Theory

Sub-Riemannian days 2018

created by rizzi1 on 31 Jul 2018
modified on 12 Sep 2018

16 oct 2018 - 17 oct 2018   [open in google calendar]

The purpose of this meeting is to share recent results and ideas in sub-Riemannian geometry and related fields, with the aim of reinforcing the cooperation between different research groups at the national and international level.


The registration is mandatory, and will close officially the 24th September 2018. A social dinner is planned the 16th of October, please confirm your presence in the registration form.

Organizers: Grégoire Charlot, Yves Colin de Verdière, Herve Pajot, Luca Rizzi.

Speakers: Zeinab Badreddine, Fabrice Baudoin, Francesco Boarotto, Valentina Franceschi, Barbara Gris, Dario Prandi, Davide Vittone.