Calculus of Variations and Geometric Measure Theory

Advanced School on Theories and Applications of Liquid Crystals

created by scilla on 24 Apr 2018
modified on 31 May 2018

3 sep 2018 - 7 sep 2018   [open in google calendar]

Università di Napoli Federico II, Naples

The School aims at providing carefully crafted overviews of the very interdisciplinary character of the topic, ranging from mathematics right up chemistry and industrial applications. The School is addressed to doctoral students, post-doctoral researchers and academics interested in the use of continuum mechanics to model, analyse and understand the physics and mechanics of liquid crystals, in understanding the chemical structure and the applications to soft matter.

The school will take place at the Università di Napoli Federico II, Scuola Politecnica e delle Scienze di Base, P.le Tecchio, Aula Scipione Bobbio, Naples


Organizers: Marco Barchiesi, Giovanni Scilla, Francesco Solombrino, Bianca Stroffolini, Luigi Vergori.

Speakers: Luca De Stefano, Francesco Greco, Nadia Rega, Luigi Vergori, Epifanio Virga, Claudio Zannoni.