Calculus of Variations and Geometric Measure Theory


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25 jan 2018 - 26 jan 2018   [open in google calendar]

Universita' di Firenze

The seminar will focus on various aspects of microstructures in solid mechanics, material science and applied mathematics:

- Modeling materials with microstructure (plasticity, damage, phase transitions, electro-magneto-mechanics, …)

- Experimental results on the formation and evolution of microstructure (lamination, phase transformation, …)

- Mathematical analysis, variational formulations, non-convex problems, relaxation methods

- Multiscale methods and computational tools for the determination of effective properties of microheterogeneous materials

The seminar gives the opportunity to discuss and to compare different approaches to the above fields. It provides a platform for the interaction among young and established researchers in solid mechanics, mathematics, and material science.

Organizers: Georg Dolzmann, Paolo Maria Mariano, Kerstin Weinberg.

Speakers: John Ball, William Curtin, Pedro Ponte-Castaneda, Giuseppe Savaré.