Calculus of Variations and Geometric Measure Theory

Scientific Meeting "PDE's and Nonlinear Elasticity"

created by passarell on 06 Mar 2017
modified on 28 Apr 2017

16 may 2017 - 17 may 2017   [open in google calendar]

Accademia Pontaniana- Via Mezzocannone 8- Napoli

On the occasion of the ceremony for the awarding of the Laurea Honoris Causa to Tadeusz Iwaniec in Mathematical Engineering, that will take place the 16th May in the Aula Magna of the "Rettorato" of the University of Naples "Federico II", the Scientific Meeting "PDE's and Nonlinear Analysis" will be held at the "Accademia Pontaniana" . The aim of this meeting is to present and discuss recent results about PDEs and nonlinear elasticity and their applications and to bring together many experts in these fields.

Organizers: Flavia Giannetti, Gioconda Moscariello, Antonia Passarelli di Napoli, Teresa Radice, Carlo Sbordone.

Speakers: Alberto Fiorenza, Helene Frankowska, Nicola Garofalo, Luigi Greco, Francesco Leonetti, Giuseppe Mingione, Jani Onninen, Aldo Pratelli, Bianca Stroffolini, Anna Verde.