Calculus of Variations and Geometric Measure Theory
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Research Meeting on Non-local Operators

created by palatucci on 31 Aug 2016
modified on 28 Apr 2017

6 oct 2016 - 8 oct 2016   [open in google calendar]


The aim of the RESEARCH MEETING ON NON-LOCAL OPERATORS (RMNLO) is to gather European researchers, all specialist on non-local operators and related subjects, and let them share their results and discuss further developments and open problems.

Organizers: Antonio Iannizzotto, Enrico Valdinoci, Giuseppe Viglialoro.

Speakers: BegoƱa Barrios, Lorenzo Brasco, Eleonora Cinti, Gamze Duzgun, Antonio Greco, Gabriele Grillo, Tommaso Leonori, Sun-ra J. N. Mosconi, Dimitri Mugnai, Giampiero Palatucci, Benedetta Pellacci, Ireneo Alonso Peral, Patrizia Pucci, Marco Squassina.

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