Calculus of Variations and Geometric Measure Theory
created by paolini on 10 Jan 2014
modified by ambrosio on 28 Apr 2017

23 jun 2014 - 28 jun 2014   [open in google calendar]

For a selected list of participants funding for the local expenses will be provided, not for travel.

The list of funded participants will be published after March 31.

Organizers: Luigi Ambrosio, Carlo Mantegazza, Andrea Mennucci.

22 Jun 2014
R. Haslhofer: Mean curvature flow of mean convex hypersurfaces
23 Jun 2014
G. Besson: On open 3-manifolds
P. Michor: Geodesic evolution equations on shape spaces and diffeomorphism groups
F. Schulze: Networks of curves evolving by curvature in the plane
12:00 - T. Colding: Generic mean curvature flow

(*) to be confirmed