Calculus of Variations and Geometric Measure Theory
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Recent advances in non-local and non-linear analysis: theory and applications

created on 05 Nov 2013
modified on 28 Apr 2017

10 jun 2014 - 14 jun 2014   [open in google calendar]

ETH, Zuerich

Organizers: Francesca Da Lio, Luca Martinazzi, Rafe Mazzeo, Tristan Rivière.

Speakers: Guillaume Bal, Luis Caffarelli, Alessio Figalli, Rupert Frank, Kay Kirkpatrick, Robert V. Kohn, Gilles Lebeau, Enno Lenzmann, Mathieu Lewin, Fang-Hua Lin, Andrea Malchiodi, Svitlana Mayboroda, Giuseppe Mingione, Hoai-Minh Nguyen, Francis Nier, Xavier Ros Oton, Jean-Michel Roquejoffre, Israel Michael Sigal, Gunther Uhlmann, Enrico Valdinoci, Alexander Volberg, Michael Weinstein.

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