Calculus of Variations and Geometric Measure Theory

ERC Workshop on Energy/Entropy-Driven Systems and Applications

created by stefanell on 14 May 2013
modified on 28 Apr 2017

9 oct 2013 - 11 may 2013   [open in google calendar]

Weierstrass Institute, Berlin

The workshop will focus on the methods and results for evolution problems driven by functionals and applications. Emphasis will be given to gradient flows for free energy or entropy as well as to generalized gradient and rate-independent systems and dissipative Hamiltonian systems, also in a multiscale setting. The issue of the variational approximation of evolution, possibly in the form of suitable evolutionary $\Gamma$-convergence notions, will be also covered. The many applications of this wide range of techniques may include thermomechanical and materials modeling, stochastic models, multi- particle systems, transition from discrete to continuum, quantum mechanics, and reaction-diffusion systems.

Organizers: Karoline Goetze, Alexander Mielke, Ulisse Stefanelli.

Speakers: Andrea Braides, José Antonio Carrillo, Eduard Feireisl, Michael Herrmann, Ansgar Jüngel, Matthias Liero, Peter Markowich, Daniel Matthes, Maria Giovanna Mora, Elisabetta Rocca, Riccarda Rossi, Giuseppe Savaré, André Schlichting, Florian Theil, Maria G. Westdickenberg, Johannes Zimmer.