Calculus of Variations and Geometric Measure Theory
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Asymptotic stability for the gradient flow of some nonlocal energies

Nicola Fusco (Dip. Mat. Univ. Napoli)

created on 18 Mar 2021
modified by root on 23 Mar 2021

15 apr 2021 -- 15:00   [open in google calendar]

WADE (Webinar in Analysis and Differential Equations)



I will start by discussing some recent results on the asymptotic stability of the $H^{-1}-$gradient flow of the perimeter, the so called surface diffusion. Then I will consider the $H^{-1}-$gradient flow of some energy functionals given by the area of an interface plus a non local volume term. This is a joint work with E. Acerbi, V. Julin and M. Morini

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